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Welcome to Natalia Bilas Family Dental Club

Ortholux Family Dental Club was created for people of all ages to give the joy of a happy, healthy smile. We combine advanced dentistry with a team that treats you like a family, a quiet environment and facilities that are pleasing.

Enjoy individual appointments and comprehensive dental care from the highest professionals.

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What sets us apart from other clinics?

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Detailed diagnosis of the dental system

Our equipment differs not only in image quality, but also in the minimum X-ray load. With the help of a special program, after entering the patient's data, the device itself determines the radiation dose! This is especially important for children and people with serious comorbidities!

Convenience and time savings

You do not need to go anywhere, we conduct all kinds of examinations:
▫️Computed tomography
▫️Direct and lateral teleradiography
▫️Internal oral digital image

State-of-the-art sterilization equipment

Not every clinic in Lviv, even in Ukraine, can guarantee you such safety as we do. In addition to COVID-19, there are many other viruses and bacteria in the world for a long time! We guarantee 200% safety, because we have equipped the sterilization according to the highest European standards. Under the influence of high temperature and disinfectants, each tool is carefully processed! After that it is packed in an individual package, additionally autoclaved! Even the smallest eraser for polishing, even a spoon for taking prints - everything is subject to sterilization, not to mention the tips and burs!

Our Team

Natalia Bilas

Yuliyan Hrycun'
dentist, endodontist

Nadiya Stolarchuk
Head nurse, assistant

Liana Yarovenko
hygienist-periodontist, master of medicine, author of scientific publications

Anastasiya Melnyk

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